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Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II: an evolution in the pocket operator series

Blending pro-level features with iconic portability, and paving the way for a new standard in compact music production.

Using MPE with Eurorack modules

Take a look at a few different workflows that integrate MPE with your Eurorack system.

Musicalfungus speaks to the machine on Monologs EP01

Musicalfungus welcomes us into his home, where we get a look at his current modular systems and his approach to using them.

The best hardware sound trackers for live performance

We break down our favorite hardware music trackers and explore why and how they are being used in modern electronic music workflows.
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A peek at Piqued // October 2023

In this newsletter, the first episode of Monologs premieres, we listen to Alice Knows Karate on North Beats podcast, and Patch Dispatch covers trouble brewing at Moog.

Playing electronic music live

This article will answer some of the most common questions about playing live, including how to get started, the essential gear for electronic music, and what to expect on stage.

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