The three buttons


Record Button

The Record button is used to initiate and stop recording audio into the Morphagene. Pressing the button once starts the recording process, and pressing it again stops the recording. The Record button is crucial for capturing audio samples to be manipulated using the module's various controls.

Shift Button

The Shift button is used in combination with other buttons to access additional functionality. By holding down the Shift button and pressing another button simultaneously, users can perform various actions such as reversing the playback direction, clearing the audio buffer, or setting a new splice point. The Shift button provides a compact and efficient way to access multiple features without cluttering the module's interface.

Splice Button

The Splice button is used to create, delete, or navigate between splice points within the audio buffer. Splice points divide the audio into segments, allowing users to manipulate and rearrange individual sections of the audio independently. Pressing the Splice button creates a new splice point at the current playback position, while holding the Shift button and pressing the Splice button deletes the current splice point. Users can also navigate between splice points by sending a gate signal to the "Shift" input jack and pressing the Splice button simultaneously.