Sync it



The Morphagene features a dedicated "Clock" input jack, which allows users to synchronize the playback speed and splice timing with an external clock source. By connecting a clock signal from another module or device to the "Clock" input, the Morphagene can be locked to the tempo of your system, ensuring that playback and splicing operations occur in time with the rest of your setup.


The Morphagene does not have a dedicated Play button. Instead, the playback function is controlled by the gate signals received at the "Play" input jack. When the Morphagene receives a gate signal at the "Play" input, it triggers the playback of the audio stored in the module. The duration and timing of the playback can be determined by the gate signals sent from external modules or sequencers in your Eurorack system. This approach allows for precise and flexible control over the playback, enabling users to create complex and evolving soundscapes in conjunction with other modules.

End-Of-Gene (EOG) output

The Morphagene has an "EOG" output jack that sends a gate signal at the end of each gene playback. This output can be used to synchronize other modules or trigger events in your system based on the timing of the Morphagene's playback.