A closer look at ALGO from RYK Modular at Superbooth24

At Superbooth24, RYK Modular unveiled ALGO, an FM synth engine with a menu-free design.

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A closer look at ALGO from RYK Modular at Superbooth24

Visiting RYK Modular at Superbooth24

At Superbooth24, I had the opportunity to visit the RYK Modular booth and explore their latest offerings. The highlight of their display was the newly introduced module, ALGO. The booth was bustling with excitement as attendees gathered to get a firsthand look at this new addition to the RYK lineup.

The ALGO module

ALGO is a module designed to bring FM to the Eurorack format. ALGO's four oscillators can be configured in series or parallel combinations, to create Complex FM or additive sound textures, that can add a new dimension to any modular setup. The module offers a range of features that cater to both seasoned modular users and newcomers looking to expand their creative possibilities.

Check out our visit to the RYK booth in the video below!

No menu diving snorkels needed

ALGO boasts 9 FM algorithm combinations, wave shaping, and wave folding. These modes are easily selectable, providing users with a versatile tool for generating dynamic patterns. One of the key highlights of ALGO is its straightforward design—there is no menu diving required. All functions are accessible via physical controls, making it easy to use in live performance settings and quick to integrate into existing setups.

Comparing ALGO and the Vector Wave

RYK also had the Vector Wave on display. Unlike ALGO, which focuses on algorithmic composition with a hands-on, menu-free interface, the Vector Wave emphasizes vector synthesis, allowing users to morph between waveforms and create evolving timbres.

Hands-on experience

During my visit, I had the chance to try out the ALGO module. The interface is intuitive, with clearly labeled controls and a cool forty-five-degree angled layout. The sound quality was top-notch, and the module's responsiveness to control voltage input was particularly impressive. The absence of menu diving made it easy to tweak settings on the fly, which is a significant advantage for real-time use and live performances.

ALGO is available now to order!

ALGO from RYK Modular

All knobs and no menus, an FM synth engine with hands-on control.

$449.99 at Perfect Circuit

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