A peek at Piqued // April 2023

A peek at Piqued // April 2023

In this newsletter, read an article about MIDI in Eurorack, check out the new module from New System Instruments, watch the Piqued 43 live event, and more.

Is MIDI Eurorack's Jekyll or Hyde



Piqued // 43 // YourOpponent, Density & Time, and Dr. Rek

Watch performances by YourOpponent and Density & Time at Mission Synths in San Francisco.


North Beats podcast with Jah's Tin

North Beats and Jah's Tin discuss musical inspirations and gear.


Behind the Menura mixer: a modular mixer for everyone

Jasper from Menura talks about the MDMX modular mixer.


New Systems Instruments releases the Triphase Oscillator

New Systems Instruments announced today that the Triphase Oscillator is now shipping and available.

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Richard Hogben

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