A peek at Piqued // May 2023

A peek at Piqued // May 2023

In this newsletter, we review envelope generators, Piqued is featured in a retro floppy disk zine, Steve McQuarry talks on North Beats, and more.

Opening envelopes

Exploring the ADSR phases of envelope generators and their use in synthesizers.



Piqued // 44 // Schugar & HEXMODE

Korey and our guests Schugar and HEXMODE discuss different approaches to live performances, knowing your audience, and evoliving gear setups.


Steve McQuarry interview on North Beats podcast

Steve McQuarry discusses how a medical issue turned his focus back to Synthesizers on North Beats podcast.


Techno on a modular synth performed by HEXMODE

Back in 2020 HEXMODE discusses the ins and outs of performing techno live with a modular synth.


NEUROBLAST HyperCard DiskZine launch party

Piqued was featured in the first ever edition of the NEUROBLAST DiskZine. Follow Korey as he navigates the release party at the Cat Club in San Francisco.

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