Befaco launches a VESA mount-compatible 7U case

Befaco launches a VESA mount-compatible 7U case

Befaco introduces a new Eurorack case designed to cater to the durability, connectivity, and power requirements of modern modules, with VESA mount compatibility

Befaco has recently unveiled a 7U Case, which promises to literally "elevate" your system to new heights at home, on stage, or in the studio. With an impressive power supply, extensive connectivity options, and a robust design, the 7U Case aims to be the ultimate Eurorack case for your setup. Its standout feature, VESA mount compatibility, sets it apart from other cases on the market.

VESA mount compatibility enables you to save precious space in your studio by attaching the Befaco 7U Case to desktop or wall VESA stands. This feature not only helps to organize your workspace efficiently but also provides an ergonomic solution for accessing your Eurorack system.

One of the other notable features of the Befaco 7U Case is the Trolley Bus power supply, capable of delivering up to 5000mA of power. Designed to accommodate modern, power-hungry modules, the case provides 5000mA on the +12V rail, 2500mA on -12V, and 4000mA on +5V with high voltage stability and low noise. The case supports up to 36 modules across its 208HP (3U) and 104HP (1U) rows, adhering to the Intellijel format.

The Befaco 7U Case offers a broad array of connections to integrate your system with external devices seamlessly. The rear panel includes 6x 6.3" Jack I/Os (Balanced and Unbalanced), MIDI In/Out/Thru ports, USB Device Type B, and Apple-compatible USB-A charging ports. These connections, which follow the Intellijel format, ensure compatibility with Intellijel's 1U modules.

Built to last, the 7U Case features a high-quality Unibody Black Anodized Aluminum frame, making it slim, sturdy, and suitable for travel. With a maximum depth of 53mm (power supply side) and 70mm (rest of the case), it can house most modules available on the market. The case also comes with an anti-vandalic power button and a Kensington lock connector for added security during transport.

The Befaco 7U Case includes a custom PET-G clear cover to protect your modules from dust and damage, even when patched. A custom velcro belt keeps the cover securely closed.

The Befaco 7U Case provides a solid and functional choice as a home for your Eurorack modules. It showcases a durable build, sufficient power supply, multiple connectivity options, and VESA mount compatibility. Based on its features and design, the 7U Case is worth exploring for those seeking to expand or improve their current Eurorack setup.


Richard Hogben

Richard Hogben

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