Digitakt II upgrades close the gap with Octatrack MKII

Elektron unveiled the Digitakt II, now with stereo sampling and Perform Kit mode, enhancing its capabilities to rival the Octatrack MKII.

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Digitakt II upgrades close the gap with Octatrack MKII

Visiting the Elektron booth at Superbooth24

At Superbooth24, we had the chance to visit the Elektron booth and check out their latest innovations. Among the highlights was the Digitakt II, which showcased significant upgrades that elevate it to a more powerful device, now even rivaling some aspects of the Octatrack MKII. For those comparing the Octatrack vs. Digitakt II, the new features make the Digitakt II a compelling choice.

Upgraded features of the Digitakt II

The Digitakt II has received several notable upgrades, with stereo sampling being a standout addition. This enhancement broadens its sound design capabilities, allowing for richer and more immersive audio experiences. The introduction of stereo samples makes the Digitakt II a formidable contender in the realm of compact samplers.

Performance kit mode

A key new feature in the Digitakt II is the Perform Kit mode. This mode allows users to maintain a kit across different patterns while in the mode, offering a streamlined workflow for live performances. Although it differs from the Octatrack MKII's Parts feature, which has only four slots but a distinct workflow, Perform Kit mode provides a robust alternative for managing kits during performances.

Comparison to Octatrack MKII

While the Digitakt II boasts impressive upgrades, the Octatrack MKII still holds several advantages. Its Record Trigs and on-the-fly sampling capabilities offer extensive performance flexibility. The Octatrack's Scenes and crossfader functionalities are particularly significant, providing nuanced control over performances that the Digitakt II's track exclusion feature, though beneficial, does not fully replicate.

Slicing capabilities

When it comes to slicing samples, the Octatrack MKII's grid is more flexible compared to the Digitakt II. The classic sample slicing on the Octatrack allows for more detailed and customizable slicing options, which is crucial for certain types of sound manipulation.

Highlight of new specs

  • Tracks: The MKII has 16 audio and MIDI tracks that can be assigned to the internal sampling engine or external MIDI. Each audio track can play back stereo or mono samples.
  • Filters: The MKII has swappable filters, including a base-width filter and one from multi-mode, low pass 4, comb, EQ, or legacy LP/HP.
  • LFOs: Each track has three assignable LFOs.
  • Effects: Each track has delay, reverb, chorus, bit reduction, sample reduction, and overdrive.
  • Sequencer: The MKII has a 128-step Elektron sequencer and a Euclidean sequence generator.
    Memory and power: The MKII has expanded memory and power.
  • Song mode: The MKII has a song mode for creating, editing, and playing full compositions.
  • Machines: The MKII has five selectable SRC (audio) machines: oneshot, werp, stretch, repitch, and grid.
  • Layout: The MKII has easier ways to access things, such as machines, effects, and send effects. It also has a dedicated button for the mod and a dedicated button for the keyboard to go to chromatic mode.

Narrowing the gap

The Digitakt II, with its new stereo sampling and Perform Kit mode, emerges as a much stronger device, narrowing the gap between it and the Octatrack MKII. While the Octatrack retains unique performance features such as Scenes and the crossfader, the Digitakt II's upgrades offer a compelling alternative for users seeking a powerful and versatile sampler.

The Digitakt II is ready to order now!

Digitakt II from Elektron

16-Track Digital Drum Computer + Sampler.

$999 at Perfect Circuit

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