Dirtywave M8 Tracker Model:02 released and preorders begin

The best tracker, and possibly the best groovebox gets an upgrade.

Richard Hogben
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Dirtywave M8 Tracker Model:02 released and preorders begin

The best tracker, and possibly the best groovebox, gets an upgrade

The Dirtywave M8 Tracker Model:02 introduces several updates to its predecessor.

New machined aluminum design

The new tracker features a machined aluminum body. Compared to the original, which had a PCB panel top case, this is a quality of life upgrade that may provide a little more durability.

Larger 3.5" IPS TFT display

A larger 3.5" IPS TFT display has been added. The first tracker included a 2.8" display which was perfectly legible but definitely on the smaller side. The integrated bezel of the Model:02 looks much nicer.

Improved battery

Battery life has been improved to up to 12 hours. While the original tracker had very good battery life, any improvement here is a welcome upgrade.

Built-in microphone for sampling

It now includes a built-in microphone for direct sampling. This is a workflow speed multiplier. Sampling directly on the device is a huge upgrade compared to having to transfer samples through the microSD card.


A highly requested upgrade. The device transitions to a USB-C connection, enhancing its connectivity options.


The package includes a variety of accessories such as a soft microfiber bag, a travel case, USBC cable, MIDI TRS-A to MIDI DIN adapter, and a 64GB microSD card preloaded with content.

Preorders are set to ship in May 2024.

Patch Dispatch discussed the upcoming M8 tracker refresh

Watch Korey and I talk about the above upgrades to the M8 on Patch Dispatch.

The original M8 tracker

If you have an original M8, don't worry about support.

Future firmware features and support for the original Model:01 will be continued and identical to the new Model:02, with different download links.

Here is a look at the original hardware tracker.

Check out our comparison review of hardware trackers.

UPDATE: The preorder has already sold out like every Dirtywave release :)

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