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Eki Shola

In August, I received exciting news from Eki Shola. She shared her plans to record her 5th album, titled 'Kaeru', in Japan, along with her intentions to tour various parts of the country. Following this, Eki Shola extended an invitation to me: she asked if I would be interested in interviewing her upon her return from Japan. I was honored by this offer.

Our interview eventually took place in late November. During our conversation, Eki Shola opened up about several aspects of her journey. She talked about her experiences working with the studio producer in Japan, the dynamics of performing alongside a band, and a deeply personal revelation. She described how her time in Japan evoked a profound sense of belonging, likening it to a feeling of 'coming home' - a place where she could truly be herself.

還 (Kaeru), by Eki Shola
10 track album

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