Eurorack Designer

Design complete racks with just a click.

Richard Hogben
Cofounder of Piqued // Los Angeles
Eurorack Designer

A friendlier tool for Eurorack

Design a Eurorack system with a little bit of help from a friend 😸

When you can't decide between that attenuverter and a another VCA, or just don't know where to start, try out our designer.

Our approach

There are wonderful tools available when you want to search and compare among the hundreds of modules available. We took a different approach, just start with a case and an idea:

  • Choose a case
  • Select a style of music
  • Add optional features
  • Click design

Click design, and watch your case fill with a balanced selection of modules geared towards your selected style.

// If you're happy with the design, save it for later or share with a friend.

// Learn more about each module, find it on modulargrid, or price shop.

// Try the dark panels toggle for a late night asthetic 😎

The Piqued avatar provides a customized description of the completed case along with patch ideas.

The Eurorack system I've designed is a powerful setup for creating dark, industrial techno sounds. The case is filled with modules that excel in providing a wide range of sonic capabilities, from gritty distortion to lush filtering and complex modulation. The centerpiece of the system is the Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole, which offers dual filters with resonance, capable of shaping sounds in a variety of ways. This module serves as a powerful source for shaping the timbre of the sound.

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