Everything that's new with the Make Noise 4 Zone CV Bus Case

The updated 4 Zone CV Bus Case by Make Noise isn't just a product; it's a statement.

Richard Hogben
Cofounder of Piqued // Los Angeles
Everything that's new with the Make Noise 4 Zone CV Bus Case

Make Noise, a vanguard in the modular synthesizer realm, has recently launched its revamped 104hp x 7U 4 Zone CV Bus Case. This release is not just another product in the market; it's a culmination of feedback, innovation, and the brand's dedication to serving the electronic music community. Let's delve deeper into what sets this case apart and the new features that have been introduced.

What's changed TLDR version

  • Redesigned CV bus and utility modules, line out sounds cleaner
  • Enhanced power, and with great power comes great responsibility
  • More connectors, for more modules
  • All that and a bigger bag of nuts, 120 sliding M2.5 nuts
  • Price, up from about $660 to $949

Enhanced construction and aesthetics

While the powder-coated metal construction remains a testament to its durability, subtle design tweaks have been made to enhance its user-friendliness. The removable lid, for instance, has been refined to ensure an even more secure fit, allowing enthusiasts to transport their setup without any disassembly. The matte black finish, already a nod to Make Noise's Black & Gold module series, has undergone a treatment to ensure it retains its sleek appearance even longer, making each scratch and mark a badge of honor, narrating tales of musical journeys.

Evolution of the classic CV bus

While the CV Bus's multiple section's origin story, designed for Alessandro Cortini, remains a testament to its utility, the new version has been enhanced for better visual clarity. The color-coded indicators are now brighter and more distinguishable, making it even easier for artists to navigate through their patches. The distribution method, already a unique feature, has been fine-tuned to further reduce cable clutter, streamlining the patching process.

More than just modular add-ons

The modular utilities, while reminiscent of previous versions, have been supercharged for better performance:

Voltage math

The circuitry has been optimized for faster response times, ensuring that signals are processed without any lag. The green and red LEDs are now brighter, providing clearer visual feedback.

Stereo line driver

Recognizing the need for clearer audio output, the Stereo Line Driver has been enhanced. The limiting circuit, a safety feature, has been fine-tuned to ensure it kicks in only when absolutely necessary, preserving audio integrity during regular use.

The '4 Zone Power Bus Board' delivers... power

The 4 Zone Power Bus Board remains a central feature, but with a twist. Recognizing the diverse power needs of various modules, Make Noise has re-engineered the power distribution system. Each zone now comes with enhanced power stability, ensuring that even the most power-hungry modules run without a hitch. The shared +5VDC supply has been optimized for better efficiency, ensuring that all zones receive consistent power.

Key features

Several notable features, both new and retained from the previous version, include:

Four zone CV bus

An artist-friendly patch programming and performance interface, this feature allows for the distribution of CV, making it easy to visualize and understand the voltages present in a patch.

Enhanced power stability

Each of the four zones in the CV Bus Board has been re-engineered to provide more stable power, ensuring optimal performance even with power-intensive modules.

Optimized distribution method

The unique distribution method of the CV Bus has been refined, allowing for even shorter patch cables and a more streamlined patching experience.

Bus color indicators

RGB LEDs change color based on the voltage present at the associated Bus jacks, adding a visual element to the music-making process.

Brighter color-coded indicators

The color-coded indicators on the CV Bus are now more vibrant and distinguishable, offering clearer visual feedback during patching.

Voltage math utility

Located at the left end of the CV Bus, this utility provides a collection of essential modular functions, including signal summing and level shifting.

Enhanced stereo line driver

The Stereo Line Driver has been upgraded for clearer audio output, with a fine-tuned limiting circuit to ensure audio integrity.

Built-in limiting circuit

A safety feature in the Stereo Line Driver, this circuit activates to prevent damage to ears and equipment during experimental patching, ensuring both safety and sound quality.

Removable lid design

The case's lid is not only removable but has been designed to fit more securely, allowing for easier transportation without the need for disassembly.

The specs

  • Size: 7U
  • Total HP: 208 @ 3U, 104 @ 1U
  • Outer Dimensions: 22.25" x 14" x 7.25" w/ lid
  • Max Module Depth: 2.5"
  • Weight: 12.75 lbs. (with powered bus board and CV Bus installed)
  • Power: +12VDC @ 4A, -12VDC @ 2.4A, and +5VDC @ 1A
  • Connectors: 32
  • Includes: CV Bus, Powered Bus Board, 120 Sliding M2.5 nuts with Black screws, and an AC Adapter

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