Limited edition Torso T-1 algorithmic sequencer in white

A new special edition of the T-1 has been unveiled, featuring custom gray knobs and a nostalgic cream-white enclosure.

Richard Hogben
Cofounder of Piqued // Los Angeles
Limited edition Torso T-1 algorithmic sequencer in white

It has been two years since the innovative T-1 sequencers began reaching musicians and artists around the globe. In celebration of this milestone, a new special edition of the T-1 has been unveiled, featuring custom gray knobs and a nostalgic cream-white enclosure that pays tribute to the iconic drum machines and sequencers of the 1980s and 1990s.

The Torso T-1, a revolutionary product from Torso Electronics, has made significant strides in the MIDI controller domain. This 16-track, algorithmic sequencer breathes new life into hardware pattern sequencing, delivering an innovative approach and a unique user experience.

This T-1 Vintage White Edition aims to honor the legendary instruments of the past while also encouraging artists to explore new levels of creativity and playful experimentation. By merging a classic aesthetic with modern technology, the special edition T-1 is poised to inspire both current and future generations of music producers and performers.

Torso Electronics, a trailblazing company in the music industry, is dedicated to crafting music instruments for the future. Comprising a dynamic team of music technology hackers, artist engineers, and musicians, their goal is to invent novel methods of music creation.

A paradigm shift is occurring in electronic music production, with contemporary technology enabling innovative production techniques that are permanently altering the creative process. Torso Electronics seeks to contribute to this transformation by developing instruments that intrigue, foster creativity, and maintain an intuitive user experience.

The team at Torso Electronics is driven by a passion for making intricate music-making processes accessible through user-friendly interfaces, allowing artists to remain immersed in their creative flow. Playfulness is at the heart of their approach, as they design products with the same curiosity-driven exploration of technology that characterizes their music creation.

Each instrument crafted by Torso Electronics emerges from technological curiosity and musical necessity. Utilizing cutting-edge electronics and digital expertise, they explore new creative domains in electronic music in close collaboration with their community of musicians, composers, and performers. Ultimately, their mission is to produce instruments that facilitate a lively creative dialogue and offer a pure, immersive experience.

The introduction of the T-1 Vintage White Edition further solidifies Torso Electronics' dedication to celebrating the rich history of electronic music while simultaneously driving the industry into the future. As the company progresses, its unwavering commitment to providing musicians with the finest tools available remains a central tenet of their mission.

The white T-1 color scheme is definitely a good look! There are still units available at the time of writing in the Torso Electronics store.


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