Menura MDMX Kickstarter success highlights demand for external mixers for Eurorack

The Menura MDMX modular mixer has achieved remarkable success on Kickstarter.

Richard Hogben
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Menura MDMX Kickstarter success highlights demand for external mixers for Eurorack

The Menura MDMX modular mixer has achieved remarkable success on Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal in less than 24 hours and selling out its initial batch of ten mixers in a mere three minutes. This rapid and enthusiastic response from backers unequivocally demonstrates the strong demand for external mixers in the market, particularly those that offer unique features and extensive customization options.

The Menura MDMX: A different approach to external mixers

The Menura MDMX takes a distinct approach to external mixers, setting itself apart in the mixer market with its modular design. This innovative concept allows artists to personalize the mixer according to their preferences by choosing from a variety of module combinations. Such a high level of customization is not commonly found in traditional DJ controllers and external mixers, making the MDMX an appealing option for those seeking a tailored setup.

One of the standout features of the MDMX is its ability to seamlessly integrate Eurorack modules. This integration empowers modular users to incorporate their own Eurorack modules into the mixer, thereby providing them with expanded customization options and unlocking a world of creative possibilities. By combining the versatility of the MDMX with the diverse range of Eurorack modules available, anyone can truly personalize their sound and explore new sonic territories.

Eurorack modules and the MDMX

To further enhance the capabilities of the MDMX, the team behind the mixer is actively developing new Eurorack modules. Among these upcoming additions are the Eurorack Input module and two Breakout Modules for the Master Insert and Channel Insert. These modules will enable users to integrate a wide array of Eurorack FX modules into the MDMX, greatly expanding the mixer's capabilities and offering a broader palette of effects to explore.

The Eurorack Input module is designed to allow for direct connection of a Eurorack System to the MDMX. This module includes one of the 3.5mm inputs, along with three linear gain controls and panning knobs, providing performers with more control over their sound. This direct connection enhances live and hybrid setup connectivity, allowing for seamless integration of the Eurorack system with the MDMX.

In addition to the Eurorack Input module, the team is also developing two Breakout Modules for the Master Insert and Channel Insert. These Breakout Modules are designed to bring your audio signals to the forefront, enabling you to patch them into your favorite Eurorack module. What's more, these Eurorack modules can be built directly into your mixer, providing a level of integration and convenience that is not commonly found in traditional DJ controllers and external mixers.

With the introduction of these new Eurorack Modules, the MDMX is poised to deliver a level of customization and control that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional offerings. The emphasis on modularity and integration with Eurorack systems is a defining characteristic that sets the MDMX apart in the market, attracting artists who crave a truly personalized and flexible mixing solution.

External mixer for Eurorack

While internal an internal Eurorack mixer has it's uses, mixers like the MDMX offer certain advantages to Eurorack mixing. They can free up rack space, allowing for more Eurorack modules in the system.

External mixers often come with more features than their internal counterparts. For instance, the MDMX offers six channels with line level inputs, mute buttons, and aux input. It also has a dedicated mixer for each channel.

However, external mixers can add bulk to the otherwise smaller footprint setup of a case with internal mixers, which might be a consideration for those with limited space in their modular setup. The MDMX's modular design allows users to select the features they need, potentially leading to a more efficient setup.

Performance aspects of external mixers

External mixers can offer extra inputs, allowing for the connection of more gear, including backup music sources. They also typically have more outputs, facilitating connections to speakers and other audio devices.

Sound quality can also be a factor. The MDMX uses high-quality components and ensures a fully analog signal path, which can provide analog enthusiasts the option of building a fully analog mixer.

With its six channels, line level inputs, mute buttons, and aux input, the MDMX presents a comprehensive mixing solution for musicians of all genres. Each channel has its own dedicated mixer, allowing for precise control and customization. Artists can effortlessly connect their microphones, instruments, and other audio sources to the mixer, utilizing the numerous inputs available. The inclusion of mute buttons ensures quick and seamless transitions between channels, while the aux input enables users to incorporate additional audio sources or apply external effects to their mix.

Stay tuned for what's next

In the world of live performances, versatility is key. The Menura MDMX caters to this need by offering a range of features and functionalities that enhance the overall experience. Its modular design and integration with Eurorack systems grant musicians the freedom to explore new sonic landscapes and experiment with different sound combinations. Whether it's controlling CV signals, adjusting gain and EQ settings, or incorporating external effects, the MDMX delivers on its promise of flexibility and control.

As the Menura MDMX begins its journey from a successful Kickstarter campaign to the hands of DJs and music enthusiasts, it's clear that this modular mixer has sparked interest. Its unique approach to customization and Eurorack integration sets it apart in the market of DJ controllers and external mixers. However, the true test will come as users begin to explore its capabilities in real-world settings. Stay tuned as we continue to follow the journey of the MDMX.

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