Modular live set of original music by Richard Hogben //

Hackaday Berlin was this Saturday, March 25, 2023. Organized by a talented team from Supplyframe, attendees to the conference were treated to talks and workshops from hardware hacking to working full-time as a YouTuber.

Poster design, accompanying art assets, and music are an important part of each event. Richard Hogben has created original music for Hackaday conferences since the first in 2015 at Dogpatch Studios, San Francisco.

The tracks made for Hackaday events are created in the studio on a DAW and used for promotional videos and as conference music. For live performances, a modular synthesizer was assembled in part to sequence samples of that music, among other things.

Midi clock and four midi channels are routed through an E-RM Multiclock, two Rample samplers, two RYK Vector Waves, and two RYK M185 sequencers. Those duplicate devices are divided by a central hub of CV modulation, resulting in a symmetrical 'DJ' like layout. For this live set, ten tracks on a Torso T-1 were used for sequencing on the fly and improvising melodic patterns or basslines.

Modular levels were mixed on the Teenage Engineering TX-6 that also provided limiting, compression, eq, filters, send and insert effect channels, and cue mixing.

Listen to the 52 minute live set below on SoundCloud.

Hackaday Berlin 2023
Richard Hogben SoundCloud

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