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Trovarsi ignites Superbooth24 with Flame's Tact and Fire modules //


An interview with Trovarsi, an electronic music artist, discussing her preparations for Superbooth, a major event for electronic music and gear. She talks about her upcoming presentations and performances at Superbooth24, where she will showcase new modules from Flame, a Eurorack manufacturer. Trovarsi shares her previous experiences at Superbooth, emphasizing the impact it had on her perspective and performance style.

She also recounts her recent trip to China, where she played several shows and conducted workshops, highlighting the vibrant electronic music community there. Additionally, Trovarsi touches on her collaboration with Alex Anderson (ALX-106), describing how they met and started performing together. She explains their improvisational performance style and the gear they use, including modules and groove boxes.

Trovarsi mentions her role as a product specialist for Novation and Focusrite, where she trains and supports users on their products. She expresses excitement about the upcoming Digitakt II and other gear, detailing the new features that will enhance her workflow. The interview concludes with her enthusiasm for her new, more compact setup that she will debut at Superbooth.

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