Modular musings with Knobula unveil cinematic soundscapes

Poly Cinematic patching with Korey and YourOpponent

After completing the North Beats podcast interview, Korey and Joshua (YourOpponent) decided to explore the Poly Cinematic module from Knobula. They connected it to several effects and modulation sources to create an interesting patch.

First, they routed the audio through the DPLR, a stereo delay module, to add depth to the sound. Next, they used the Disting L-1 Reverb for a spacious reverb effect. They then fed the signal into the Morphagene, which allowed them to manipulate the sound in real-time.

To control the frequency content, they incorporated the Zlob SVF, a versatile state-variable filter. Finally, they used the Maths module to provide modulation for various parameters in the patch.

As they listened to the resulting soundscape, Korey and Joshua were impressed with the capabilities and potential of the Poly Cinematic module.

Richard Hogben
Cofounder of Piqued // Los Angeles