Monologs premiere

A closer look at your favorite electronic music artists. Learn about their creative process through interviews and performances.

Richard Hogben
Cofounder of Piqued // Los Angeles
Monologs premiere

Our new interview-performance focused format titled Monologs premieres this week. This new series is an evolution of the live shows that started it all.

Host Korey Luna talks with your favorite electronic music artists. We feature one artist and take a closer look than ever before at their creative process.

Richard Hogben is behind the scenes again. Monologs is filmed in 4k and presented in a widescreen cinema aspect ratio.

This first episode is a journey into the studio of Musicalfungus. Who also performed at the first Piqued in San Francisco back in 2019! Musicalfungus welcomes us into his home where we get a look at his current modular systems and his approach to using them.

Watch the premiere on YouTube this Saturday at 7:30PM Pacific.

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