M8 Tracker

Tracker music and the M8: a history of influences


The M8 is the final realization of an ambitious MIDI tracker project that began in 2013, influenced by the simplicity and efficiency of controlling external synthesizers with Little Sound DJ. The goal was to bring these qualities into modern music making. The project saw a significant expansion in 2019 with the inclusion of a more robust processor, which took the capabilities of the M8 beyond just MIDI.

Initially, the plan for the M8 encompassed only basic sample playback, MIDI, and a rendition of one of Timothy Lamb's chiptune-inspired software synthesizers, such as the Oki-Computer, Digitech, or Blittersynth. However, the past two years saw this concept being pushed beyond its original scope to include original effects algorithms like reverb, delay, chorus, and a compressor/limiter. Additionally, the M8 now also features a port of Mutable Instruments' "Macro" synth, a unique 4-op FM synthesizer, song rendering capabilities, and sample recording/editing.

The M8 has evolved from a modest idea into a portable powerhouse of sound. This transformation represents an extraordinary journey, one that Timothy Lamb, also known as Trash80, hopes will inspire users and provide them with a useful tool for their creative pursuits. Enjoy exploring the M8 and discovering the many ways it can enhance your music production process.