Controlling the Morphagene


Record Level

This knob controls the input gain for the audio being recorded into the Morphagene. Adjusting the Record Level ensures that the audio is recorded at an appropriate volume without clipping or distortion.

Sound On Sound (SOS)

This control determines the amount of the existing audio that will be mixed with the incoming audio during recording. By adjusting the SOS, users can create layers of sound or gradually replace the audio in the buffer.


The Varispeed control adjusts the playback speed and pitch of the audio. Turning the knob clockwise increases the playback speed, while turning it counterclockwise decreases it. This control allows users to explore a wide range of pitches and speeds, from slow-motion effects to high-pitched, granular textures.

Gene Size

This knob controls the size of the audio grains generated by the granular synthesis engine. Smaller grain sizes produce more fine-grained textures, while larger sizes result in more coherent, longer slices of audio. The Gene Size control allows users to shape the granularity of their sound and create a diverse array of sonic landscapes.


The Slide control adjusts the smoothness of the transitions between grains, with higher settings resulting in smoother, more continuous sounds and lower settings producing more abrupt, staccato effects. This control allows users to fine-tune the feel and texture of their granular synthesis.


This knob sets the starting point of the audio segment being played back. By turning the Organize control, users can move through the recorded audio and choose different segments to manipulate and process.


The Morph control is a unique feature of the Morphagene that adjusts various internal parameters simultaneously, such as pitch shifting, time stretching, and grain size. This control allows users to explore complex sonic transformations with a single knob, providing an intuitive and expressive way to manipulate sound.