Recording on the Morphagene


Overdubbing (Sound On Sound)

The Morphagene allows for overdubbing, which is the process of layering new audio on top of existing audio. This is made possible using the Sound On Sound (SOS) control. When the SOS control is set to a value other than fully counterclockwise, the Morphagene will mix the incoming audio with the existing audio in the buffer during recording. This enables users to create complex, layered soundscapes by successively recording multiple audio sources on top of one another. Adjusting the SOS control determines the balance between the new audio and the existing audio in the buffer.

Real-time Recording

The Morphagene is designed for real-time recording and manipulation of audio. By pressing the Record button, users can capture audio into the Morphagene's buffer, which can then be immediately manipulated using the module's various controls, such as Varispeed, Gene Size, Slide, Organize, and Morph. This real-time recording functionality enables users to experiment and interact with their audio in a dynamic and responsive manner, making the Morphagene a powerful tool for live performance and sound design.