Time scales and the Morphagene

Time scales


A Reel represents the entire audio buffer within the Morphagene, which can store up to 87 seconds of audio at a 48kHz sample rate. The Reel can be thought of as the largest time scale, containing the full audio content that is being processed by the module.


A Splice is a segment of the Reel created by setting splice points within the audio buffer. Splices allow users to divide the Reel into smaller sections that can be manipulated and rearranged independently. Users can create, delete, or navigate between splice points using the Splice button or external gate signals.


A Gene is a smaller audio fragment within a Splice. The Morphagene can perform granular synthesis by breaking down audio in a Splice into tiny pieces called Genes. The size of a Gene can be adjusted using the Gene Size control, which ranges from very small grains (milliseconds) to larger segments (multiple seconds). Genes can be played back at different speeds, with varying levels of overlap, and in different sequences.


At the smallest time scale, the Morphagene operates within the microsound realm, which deals with audio grains and fragments that are shorter than the human perception of a distinct sound event (typically less than 50 milliseconds). By manipulating audio at this level using granular synthesis techniques, the Morphagene can create unique textures and timbres that are not possible with traditional audio processing methods.