Polyend Tracker+ launches with USB audio, new synth engines, and more

Polyend introduces the Tracker+, a feature-packed upgrade with USB audio, stereo sampling, new synth engines, and enhanced drum machine capabilities.

Richard Hogben
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Polyend Tracker+ launches with USB audio, new synth engines, and more

Polyend introduces the Tracker+, enhancing music production capabilities

Polyend has announced the release of the Tracker+, an enhanced version of its original music production device. The Tracker+ integrates multiple functions including a Stereo Sampler, 16-track Sequencer, Synthesizer, and Drum Machine, providing a robust platform for music creators.

USB audio and stereo playback added to Tracker+

The new model significantly expands on its predecessor’s capabilities. It introduces USB audio, allowing for audio over USB and USB mass storage management. Users can now enjoy stereo sampling and playback, a feature that enhances the depth and quality of audio output.

Tracker+ features new exclusive synth engines

In terms of synthesis, the Tracker+ comes equipped with four exclusive synth engines—ACD™, FAT™, VAP™, and WTFM™—each offering unique sound characteristics. The device can handle up to eight voices per project across three synth instruments, making it versatile in handling complex arrangements.

Enhanced drum machine capabilities in Tracker+

The PERC drum machine, embedded within the synth instrument, supports up to five simultaneous drum sounds, which include a variety of tweakable parameters for kick, snare, hi-hats, and more, ensuring detailed sound sculpting capabilities.

New synth editor for rapid patch editing

For synthesizer enthusiasts, the Tracker+ features a refined synth editor that uses a grid layout for quick access to over 100 synth parameters, facilitating swift adjustments and creativity.

Expanded sequencer and song mode

The sequencer and song mode have also been upgraded. The device now supports 16 tracks—double the capacity of the original Tracker—allowing more extensive sequencing options for MIDI, synth, and drum machine instruments. The sequencer can manage stereo sample-based instruments as well as MIDI and synth engines, while all synths and samples can be resampled in stereo.

Hardware and compatibility improvements

Tracker+ also boasts improved hardware with faster processing, increased memory, new soft-touch mechanical buttons, and a refined jog wheel. It offers around eleven minutes of mono or five minutes of stereo sampling capacity.

Compatibility with the Tracker Mini is maintained, with the upcoming Tracker Mini 2.0 update ensuring seamless project integration between the devices.

Original Tracker features retained and enhanced in Tracker+

The original Tracker features are preserved in the Tracker+, including a sequencer with up to 128 steps per track, multifunctional backlit silicone pads, a jog wheel, various sampling modes, built-in FM radio, and a suite of effects.

Availability and pricing

The Tracker+ is priced at $/€ 799 and is available for order now through the Polyend online store and selected dealers. Polyend is offering free worldwide shipping and a 45-day trial period for online orders.

Product Specifications


  • 16 Track Drum Machine, Synthesiser, and Stereo Sampler

Pads / Controllers:

  • 48 x Backlit Silicone Pads
  • 1x encoder – Jog-wheel


  • 256 Patterns per project
  • 128 Steps per Pattern


  • 8 universal tracks
  • 8 MIDI or Synths tracks

Screen / Display:

  • 7'' LCD display


  • 4,000 Preloaded Samples
  • Song Arranger
  • Track Mixer
  • Global Mixer


  • ACD™: Recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths.
  • FAT™: A synth engine with three virtual analog oscillators, offering lush, vintage warmth.
  • VAP™: Virtual Analog Polysynth with a dual-oscillator architecture and versatile modulation matrix.
  • WTFM™: Unique 2-operator FM synth engine with WaveTable-based oscillators and a 3x feedback system.
  • PERC™ Drum Machine: Create a wide range of drum sounds from classic to modern.
  • Legacy: Wavetable, Granular synthesis.

Sample Pool Memory:

  • 11 minutes Mono
  • 5 minutes Stereo


  • 1-shot, Forward, Backward, Ping-pong
  • Automatic Slicing (manual/automatic)
  • Sample Editor
  • Sample Recorder (Mono/Stereo)


  • Volume, Tuning, Panning, Resonant Filters, Delay and Reverb Sends, ADSRs, LFOs, Overdrive, Normalizer, Reverse, Delay, Bitcrusher, Chorus, Flanger, 3-band EQ, Compressor, WT Smoother, Timestretch, and more
  • Performance Mode FX: Volume, Panning, Tune, Low-pass cutoff, High-pass cutoff, Band-pass cutoff, Delay send, Reverb send, Sample position, Sample end, Sample playback, Volume LFO Speed, Panning LFO Speed, Finetune LFO Speed, Filter LFO Speed, Granular, Wavetable LFO Speed, Step repeater, Pattern play mode, Pattern length, Bit Depth, Overdrive

Analog Inputs:

  • 1 x minijack 3.5mm (mic)
  • 1 x minijack 3.5mm (line)

Analog Outputs:

  • 1 x minijack 3.5mm (Stereo OUT)


  • 1 x minijack 3.5mm (Stereo OUT)


  • MIDI IN – mini-jack 3.5mm
  • MIDI OUT – mini-jack 3.5mm

Other I/O:

  • USB-C
  • Audio over USB - 14 Tracks of Stereo Audio


  • Type C


  • microSD card 16GB (included)


  • WAV files


  • Polyend firmware 1.0 or next available on

Power Source:

  • 5V/1A Power Supply (included)


  • Height: 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)
  • Width: 11.02 inches (28.2 cm)
  • Depth: 8.15 inches (20.7 cm)


  • 2.65 pounds (1.2 kg)

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