Stevie Synth and KZZL lockdown jam //

Stevie Synth and KZZL part one
Stevie Synth and KZZL part two

Listen to this two part jam with Stevie Synth and KZZL, recorded during lockdown in 2021.

Korey walks us through the session.

In the fall season of 2021, I traveled to Lafayette in the East Bay to jam with Stevie Synth. He had all the modular gear out and unpatched. I was unfamiliar with so many of the brands including: Noise Engineering, WMD, and Mordax Data. I asked Stevie to show me what does what. He used WMD Metron as the main sequencer, and he’d mastered it. We took turns playing with different voices, ducking like DJ with Fracture. I recorded our jam on a Zoom 4hn, and cut it down to a two-hour modular electronic reggae. I can’t wait to make more grooves with Stevie Synth.

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Stevie Synth performed at both Piqued 11 and the Piqued 3 Year Anniversary at Missions Synths.

KZZL (Korey Luna) is a cofounder of Piqued and host of the North Beats Podcast.

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