Synth East, the expo by Molten Modular and Electronic Sound Magazine

Synth East, the expo by Molten Modular and Electronic Sound Magazine

Synth East took place March 4th at the Norwich Arts Centre in the UK. It was put together by Robin Vincent (Molten Modular) and Steve Davis in partnership with Electronic Sound Magazine. Judging by the photos and tweets coming through, it looks like the event was very successful!

Synth East is dedicated to celebrating the best in synthesizers and modular through hands-on interaction and live performance. You’ll be able to play with all sorts of electronic instruments, talk to the makers and manufacturers and experience artists playing music with their machines.

Some of the notable performers were Nik Colk Void, Finlay Shakespeare, Robin Vincent himself, Steve Davis from Utopia Strong, who also organized a Modular Patch-Off with Sam Battle from Look Mum No Computer, Loula Yorke, Gaz Williams, and Andrew Brooks.

A packed list of exhibitors were in attendance including Moog, Korg, Arturia, ALM, Soma, RYK, and more. Did anyone get a look at the RYK prototype module? Let us know in the comments below.

Molten Music has a small series of videos about preparing a Eurorack modular system for the event. Check out the 4th video below which was published just a day or so before the event. He has progressed as far as about eight bars, and talks about his strategy for where to take the patch next.

Robin appears to have a mix of foundational modules racked with some of the newer stuff from QuBit and Knobula including one of our favorites, the Poly Cinematic.

It's always interesting to hear about an artist's approach to preparing for a live show. We ask a similar question to many of the performers on Piqued, "So tell us a little bit about your setup tonight." One could answer in many different ways, playing and practicing with the setup, the setup design itself, or even how you arrived at the setup, which can be a whole process itself.

Congratulations on the success of Synth East and we hope to see some more of the event published soon! In the meantime checkout #syntheast on Instagram.

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An update from Molten Modular about how Synth East went.

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