Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II: an evolution in the pocket operator series

Blending pro-level features with iconic portability, and paving the way for a new standard in compact music production.

Richard Hogben
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Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II: an evolution in the pocket operator series

Pocket operators go pro with EP-133 K.O.II

Teenage Engineering has unveiled the EP-133 K.O.II, an intriguing new device that stands out as a significant evolution in their pocket operator series. This latest model elevates the concept of portable music creation to professional realms.

A professional twist on a compact classic

The EP-133 K.O.II is essentially a 'pro' version of the beloved PO-33 K.O!. With advanced sampling capabilities, an intuitive sequencer, and even more sound manipulation tools, it offers a level of sophistication that blurs the line between full featured equipment and pocket-sized devices.

Reworked sequencer
An upgraded sequencer offering more complex pattern creation and manipulation.

Increased project and pattern capacity
Supports a higher number of projects and patterns with extensive note capacity.

Advanced sound manipulation
More sophisticated options for tweaking and automating sound parameters.

Higher polyphony
Offers increased polyphony for more complex sound layering.

Improved connectivity
Expanded connectivity options including USB-C and advanced MIDI capabilities.

Professional-grade effects
Includes next-generation punch-in effects and a comprehensive suite of studio-quality effects.

Pressure-sensitive keys
Combines vintage style with modern touch sensitivity.

Potential future releases

This move towards expanded features in a compact form raises an exciting prospect: Teenage Engineering is gearing up to release 'pro' versions of other pocket operators.

The prospect of Teenage Engineering releasing enhanced versions of their other synth and percussion pocket operators is intriguing. Such a series could maintain the hallmark portability of pocket operators while introducing functionalities that, until now, were mainly found in more elaborate and more expensive equipment. This evolution suggests a future where the distinction between compact music devices and comprehensive production tools becomes increasingly blurred.

The EP-133 K.O.II represents more than just a new addition to Teenage Engineering's lineup. It's a declaration of their commitment to merging high-quality design and music production with portability. This device symbolizes a shift in the music creation landscape, where more power is now available in a pocket-sized format. It opens up new creative avenues for musicians and enthusiasts who prioritize flexibility and quality in their art.

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