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Therminal C

"THERMINAL C I solo projet Therminal C [tεrminal se] | noun: “one woman orchestra” for theremin and synthesizers. Thereminal C is composed by a theremin - an instrument you play without actually touching it - and by a modular synthesizer with a lot of colourful cables.

In the driver's seat, thereminist Coralie Ehinger creates a 100% live music, delicate, minimalist and poetic, executed with the fingertips, in the air. Playing mesmerizing melodies with the theremin, while using the instrument's antennas electrical signals to control a modular synthesizer and pouring a flood of organic and synthetic sounds, is the basis of this fascinating solo project.

The theremin thus becomes, in addition to an instrument, a controller, an interface for triggering and modulating sounds on a synthesizer. A 30 minutes musical performance, an electronic dream."

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