Behind the Menura mixer: a modular mixer for everyone

The Menura mixer is a modular mixer, offering a wide range of possible module combinations that can be tailored to fit individual preferences.

Richard Hogben
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Behind the Menura mixer: a modular mixer for everyone

Jasper, a DJ since the age of 16 and an experienced technician in the event industry, has always been on the lookout for the perfect mixer. Unable to find one that met his expectations, he decided to create a mixer that would cater to every DJ's needs, and thus the Menura MDMX modular mixer was born.

The MDMX is a modular mixer, offering a wide range of possible module combinations that can be tailored to fit individual preferences. By breaking down the legendary UREI 1620 mixer into sections, Jasper devised a proof of concept for a modular mixer. This led to many iterations and eventually the current prototype.

In addition to modularity, the Menura mixer focuses on delivering exceptional sound quality. This is achieved through using high-quality components, such as high efficiency switching power converters, high-quality bipolar op-amps, gold connectors, and extensive AC coupling. The mixer also ensures a fully analog signal path, providing DJs the option of building a fully analog mixer.

The modular aspect of the mixer may remind some of modular synthesizers. However, unlike modular synthesizers that require patch cables, it has a predefined internal routing that is both logical and intuitive. This design allows for a clutter-free DJ performance.

The mixer consists of six sections that correspond to the architecture of a classic DJ mixer. These include the input, channel insert, mixer, master insert, master, and output sections. DJs can easily customize their mixers by selecting from a variety of modules, such as phono and line input, Bluetooth, equalizers, and even Eurorack integration.

The Menura mixer is built to withstand the harsh conditions of a club environment. It features high-quality powder coating, walnut hardwood side panels, aluminum knobs, and conductive plastic faders and potentiometers for improved durability and longevity.

With its modular design, the MDMX offers DJs the option of extending the analog signal path with digital modules. The team behind the mixer is constantly brainstorming ideas for future modules, which could include more connectivity options, an 8-channel version, and digital integration with DAWs or DJ software systems.

It also offers seamless Eurorack integration, which is a unique feature in the world of DJ mixers. The mixer's dimensions are similar to those of Eurorack modules, allowing for easy compatibility and expanding the range of available effects and modules for DJs.

One of the available modules for the Menura mixer is the Eurorack breakout module, which enables audio and power connections between the mixer and Eurorack modules. This integration allows DJs to incorporate their own Eurorack modules directly into the mixer, providing even more customization options and expanding their creative possibilities.

By offering Eurorack integration, the MDMX bridges the gap between DJ mixing and modular synthesis, giving DJs access to a vast array of sound-shaping tools and effects available in the Eurorack ecosystem. This fusion of DJ mixing and modular synthesis opens up new possibilities for creative expression and unique soundscapes, further solidifying the Menura mixer as a truly versatile and customizable solution for DJs.

Menura has presented a game-changer in the world of DJ mixers, offering unprecedented customization and exceptional sound quality. Its modular design allows every DJ to create their perfect mixer, catering to their individual needs and preferences.

The Menura MDXM modular mixer Kickstarter campaign begins May 1st.

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